Since I somehow forgot to post about LARPs and Parties

Somehow I forgot to post about LARPs and Parties coming up on here...

This weekend: 

The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste - join us for our 21st trip on the Mary Celeste.

The Saturday run of Celeste is going to be followed by a party at my house, starting at 6pm and ending whenever (previous parties have gone as late as 4 or 5am). There will be board games, video games, food, hanging out, etc. They tend to be fun. If you have a car and can drive, please do so (and go grab people from the Warren Lounge).

Oct 22-24:

Masks: Superheroes Have It Damned Tough - We've done some major rewrites of Masks, and are rerunning it. You can get more info and sign up at We're also looking for cast characters:

Questions\Comments? You know how to get in touch :)


1897: Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee at RPI, Feb 26-28, 2009

In a continuing trend of trying to make sure everyone has heard what cool LARP events are coming up, below is the blurb for Foam Brain Games's next run of a Weekend Long LARP, at RPI in Troy, NY. We'll be running a game by Villains by Necessity (they wrote Torch of Freedom, which we ran last year, as well), called 1897: Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. I'm really excited about this game - its run twice before to rave reviews in both the Maryland area and in the UK.

You can sign up at:, or download the flyer at The game is $25, which includes dinner Saturday night. We also have free crash space available as appropriate.

The full blurb is below the cut.

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Reminder: Stuff this weekend @ RPI

Hey folks – I just want to remind people of what’s coming up this weekend:


1)      We’ll be running Mary Celeste (hopefully both Friday and Saturday) – if you haven’t played it, I *strongly* recommend it – Mary Celeste is a fantastic game. You can get the flyer at You can email back the forms to me.

2)      After Saturday’s run of Mary Celeste, we will be going out to dinner and then having a party in Celebration of Foam Brain’s 5th anniversary. If you want to come out with us, please meet at the gamewrap for Saturday’s run of Mary Celeste, at 4:45pm or so on Saturday, in CII Annex.

If you have any questions or need any more info, I can be found on AIM (WizOfAwz), Skype (Zrealm), or Email (



Flyer Printing Time

Hey folks - its that time again where I fill up the massive box of flyers with people's even flyers, to take to cons we go to around the northeast.

Anyone have anything that should be included?

Tales of Pendragon - Sept 18 - 20, 2009

For those of you who haven't heard, we're running the fantastic weekend-long tales game "Tales of Pendragon" at Rensselaer Polytechnic in Troy, NY this fall.  In it, you are both afforded opportunities to play your main character as he or she grapples with personal issues of some importance, and play a variety of characters in short minigames.  The blurb is under the cut, and you can get the flyer at The author has also written a letter to help explain some of the special and cool things about this game. You can get it at If you want to sign up for Pendragon, you can do so at

As usual for games at RPI, we have some amount of crash space available. Unlike previous RPI games, this one will cost $25, which includes a dinner Saturday night.

If you have any questions - drop a reply or feel free to email me at or IM me at WizofAwz

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Anyone know anything about printers? I'm looking at the HP 4014 as a new printer for Foam Brain (as we gear up for large weekend long LARP printing again) - anyone have any suggestions? recommendations?

What the hell was I thinking?

As usual, loyal LJ readers, you get the preview of the Foam Brain schedule.Anyone see anything stupid or any conflicts before I make this public?

18-19: Andrew's Arts and Crafts Spectacular (aka, prep for Genericon)
24-25: Genericon XXII
7-8: Possible non-FB but RPI relevent event
21st-22nd: RPI Minigame Weekend of Doom - Rawhide's, Time Travel Review Board, Marin County New Age Society Cocktail Party (this might end up being some other game instead). Plus maybe a 10BL run or a run of The Road Not Taken
March 7-8: Intercon I - It Was Space (not ours, but we're a good chunk of the GM staff), Magical Life, Marlowe 2020
21-22: WPI Gaming Weekend - Giant Board Games, Time Travel Review Board
28-29: (RPI's GM Week) - Dragon
April 4-5: Festival of the LARPs, 2009 (GM Week) - what should I bid for this?
25-26: Weekend of Hell IV, Maybe?
May 1-3: (Reading Days)